Introvert vs. extrovert behavior

Among all the personality classifications, “introvert vs. extrovert” is the clearest one. Everyone can look at the characteristics of each type and without a mistake define which side they belong to. Indeed, it is impossible to confuse a talkative and easygoing extrovert with a quiet and private introvert. Different personality types have their own strong and weak points so that we cannot say that introverts are disadvantaged as compared to extroverts or vice versa.
Breaking down the outgoing nature of extroverts, we must say they are social people who enjoy being in a group. They work and relax more productively when surrounded by other people, no matter how close they are. In fact, extroverts have more friends, but their bonds are not very strong. Extroverts are open to anyone and anything, easily accept a change, and like to speak up. They love being in the spotlight but also get easily distracted.
Let us put it straight – introverts are not people with a social phobia. They can normally interact in a group and spend time with others, but they are most productive working in a quiet place and resting alone with a good book or a movie. They prefer a company of a few friends who are really close, and they are very open and frank with these people. Introverts are not interested in being in the center of common attention and they share their ideas mostly when asked. They are excellent listeners but tend to struggle with a change.
As in every classification, people do not develop these types in a clear form. There are people with a different predisposition to extroversion or introversion, some of us perhaps cannot even tell for sure whether they belong to one class or another. It is important to know that utter extroversion verges with mania and deep introversion goes down to social phobia.

Sexual education is actually no less essential to young people than the ability to cross the road in right places or properly handle electric household appliances. Unlike most parents think, it is not the topic for adults but a matter of basic safety that is especially timely for teenagers. Parents do not expect children to use devices unless they teach them how to do it correctly, but they obviously wait for children to get the wisdom of safe sex from the word of mouth.
There is no point escaping responsibility in such important issue as sex education. Even little kids can see that men and women are visually different, and they get naturally curious about the topic. Reaching puberty, children factually become capable to have sex and very prone to do it without a physical protection. Sexuality is much better promoted than condoms, and the kids who received no sexual education may think that adults do not use any protection when making love – that is exactly how sex looks on TV. Such a distorted promotion doubles the necessity of sexual education for children who do not realize that dozens of diseases are easily transmitted in the physical contact.
Parents usually question the right age for teaching kids sexual education. Perhaps, the process shall start much earlier than most of them think. It is always better to start with teaching toddlers correct names of their parts of the body, including genitals. At the age of 5, kids may want to find out where they came from, and parents have no other option but to give them some (not all) of the information. At this age, children also need to know that their genitals are a private matter. By the age of 10, children will anyway discover the basics of reproduction, so there is no point to make a taboo topic out of sex. At the age of 12, the child’s body already starts changing, and it is a signal for parents that they need to explain why it happens so and why precautions are necessary.

Social phobia is one of the most common and most inconvenient mental disorders. The fear of social interaction even in common everyday situations strongly disturbs the person’s life. Today communication is the almighty force that we use to handle all the difficulties, and being scared of other people is the nastiest fear that may happen to us. Escaping social situations is the least fearful people can do to save themselves from embarrassment, but they cannot manage it every time. The thing is, people with social anxiety disorder constantly expect everyone to watch them, which makes it difficult even to walk the street alone.
It seems natural that people suffering from social phobia avoid being the center of attention. The fear of talking to familiar people is no less, however. That is why we sometimes see individuals who stand aside in a big company even though they are acquainted with everyone in the room. Anxious individuals fear that physical symptoms such as blushing, shaking, or sweating will give them away so that they choose the safest option – not to talk to anybody. People with social phobia feel the best sitting in a quiet place and entertaining themselves with a book, movie, or a video game.
Living in fear, people deprive themselves of a simple pleasure of human interaction. They do not make small talks, exchange looks, smile, and hug their buddies occasionally. They are the strangers at the common feast where everyone is happy and easygoing. They do not engage in any social activity even if there are no strangers. The worst is the evidence that socially anxious individuals actually need socialization more than others. They seek acknowledgment and popular liking and fear to be rejected. That is why a positive social experience is precisely what people with social anxiety need in the first place.

Stress is everywhere and it comes in different forms. We can hardly influence the nature of a stressor itself because we have little power over the things that affect us. Instead, we can react to stressors in a different way predetermined by our individual characteristics such as age, gender, education, socioeconomic status, or life experience. It is true that all of us have a different responsiveness to stress that is not necessarily caused by the genes we inherit. The strongest resistance to stress is the one developed on personal experience and the one inherent in our personality type.
There can be no two identical personalities, but psychologists Friedman and Rosenman classified people into 2 basic types of personality. An individual with a Type A personality is ambitious, competitive, and active, both mentally and physically. An individual with a type B personality looks calm, relaxed, and non-competitive. There is an alternative personality Type C characteristic to people who usually look like Type A but suddenly become Type B when distressed. It looks like a Type A personality shall have a better stress resistance, but the study conducted in the 1980s by Friedman and Rosenman proved the opposite. The majority of Type A participants developed a coronary disease associated with stress.
The stress response is strongly connected to the function of the extended amygdala. This part of the brain is responsible for receiving signals hypothalamus and prefrontal cortex – the parts of the brain involved in the regulation of emotions. Dysregulation of the extended amygdala often results in anxiety-spectrum disorders, phobias, and addiction. The dysfunction can happen as a result of heredity or in the course of postnatal brain development.

Everyone enjoys being smart, and most people work hard on their intelligence. But can we actually pump our brain capacity or will we always remain what we were born? The truth certainly lies in-between. We cannot go far with all the “smart” genes we have got unless we work to develop them. The problem of nature vs. nurture became a subject of numerous studies in psychology but no scientist can claim that genes develop without an environmental stimulus.

Genetic factor is considered to have a major influence on our achievements – it accounts for about 60% of success in test scores in children, say researchers from King’s College, London. They claim there is a general academic achievement factor that is genetic and that makes children perform better in some subjects. Besides, the IQ of identical twins is more identical than that of fraternal twins. However, studies conducted on twins do not entirely support the idea of genetic dominance in IQ.

To see how much environmental impact a human intelligence can take, scientists took identical twins who grew up separately. Their IQs appeared to be less similar than those in identical twins who grew up together. There are also numerous studies supporting the impact of nutrition, family care, social environment, and more factors on test scores in children. The time spent doing homework as well as school attendance also matter.

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